Dukan Diet

This is my informal journal to share with you my journey to a healthier self following the Dukan Diet. You will also find some fact about the diet as well as my favorite recipes,  the ones that have kept me following the diet until now.

Key to recipes: (PV) only good for Protein-Vegetable days, (PP) Protein only days, (ALL) good for all phases

Why am I dieting? Answer in this post: My Dukan Diet Journey: Tired of being fat!

The Dukan Diet Explained! - The post that explains it all!

Dukan Diet Stages:

Stage 1 - Attack:  Happily completed! Results: Lost 8.5 pounds!!

Stage 2: Cruise:  In the middle of it! Weight lost so far: 53.5 pounds and counting!
Stage 3: Stabilization: Not there yet

Stage 4: Consolidation: Not there yet

If you want some more info on the diet in Spanish, you can always check this book - click image for details:

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