Monday, January 11, 2010

Disney Cakes: Mickey and Minnie Mouse

This cake was relatively easy, just baked a few circle cakes and put them together - decorate with buttercream

How to do this cake?

I baked 3 round cakes for this one, a 9" and 2 little 4" for the ears. You can use whatever cake recipe you like for this, a box mix is OK.

Prepare some buttercream (you can follow my recipe if you like), 5 cups should be enough. Color  as follows and put the icing into piping bags:
  • 1 1/2 cups black (tip: put some cocoa powder on the mix to make the buttercream brown, then color it black, that way you will use less black color and you end up with a yummy chocolate buttercream).
  • 1 cup skin color (flesh)
  • 2 spoonfuls in red
  • The rest leave white
Layer the big round cake and fill the middle with some of the white buttercream. Put the big cake on a cake board. Place the 2 littke cakes where the ears would be and cut a littke semi circle from the bottom of them so they fit nicely in the circunference of the big cake. Put a bit of buttercream in between the ears and the bog cake so they attach. Now you are ready to decorate.

I used a star tip #16 for this cake, when you use this technique you do not need to ice the cake before hand, you can just start piping the start on top of the cake as is. I used the bag with black icing and a tip #3 to delineate the Mickey Mouse (Tip: print a Mickey Mouse face from the internet and have it next to you when you are outlining so you know exactly what to draw). Once the outline is made, you just need to fill each section with the right color with tip#16. Remember to have the stars close together so you do not show any of the cake through.

If you are doing a Minnie, make a bow out of fondant or gum paste and put it on the right ear
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